Suzy McCall Private Class

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Suzy McCall Private Class

This class is PRIVATE. Please do not sign-up for this course unless you have made a reservation with Suzy McCall first. If you are looking for available CCW class dates, please refer to the "classes" page of our website.

This is the course you will need to apply for your Concealed Carry License. While each state has different requirements, the basis of the courses are the same. Students will learn:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting, pistol parts and operation
  • Ammunition overview
  • Firearm maintenance
  • Proper shooting technique

All Concealed Carry courses have range time included.

Students will Need

  • 24 rounds of ammunition. Ammunition can also be purchased at Mayday Gun Range
  • A firearm. Rentals are available for anyone who does not own a firearm. $10 rental fee waived for this class!
  • Ear and eye protection, available to rent or purchase
  • speed loaders, and an extra magazines if you have them. recommended, but optional
Mayday Gun Range has recently teamed up with local small business, Bodega to provide a delicious lunch to all students! This lunch is included in your $100 class registration fee! Students will be offered a lunch break and are permitted to leave for lunch if they choose. Donuts & Coffee provided for breakfast! All students will also be given 30 minutes of FREE range time to come back and use later! Please note NO refunds will be issued should you choose not to attend the class. Payment may not be transfered to other merchandise, lessons, classes guns, or ammunition. You are not eligible to move to a future class date but you are welcome to send someone in your place. Please contact Moriah at Mayday 513-280-6569. She can also be contacted via FB messenger on the Mayday Gun Range Facebook page or by emailing Please note if you do not provide a notice or "no show", you will not be given a refund. Please be sure that you can attend the class you register for.
Suzy McCall Private Class

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