Holster Certification Class

Mayday Gun Range
Holster Certification Class

Want to draw from a holster on the range? Mayday now offers a certification course so that you can confidently practice drawing from a holster in our state of the art facility. With this certifciation you will be permited to reserve lanes and be taught the safety and basics of drawing and re-holstering. Each class particapant will need a strong side, outter waist band holster, 2 magazines and atleast 100 rounds of ammo. All students will receive a gift certificate for 1 hour of free range time to come back and redeem at any time. Once you have completed this course your certification will be good for 1 year. After one year, you will be given the option to renew for only $50. It is not required to repeat the course, unless you feel it would be helpful to you. 




Holster Certification Class

Upcoming Holster Certification Classes

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